Reasons Why I Struggle with Blogging

Representation of my struggle to come up with blogging ideas

Representation of my struggle to come up with blogging ideas.

I struggle with what to write on here. I’m the type that prefers to listen to others rather than talk about myself so blogging feels a little out of my comfort zone. What do I write about? Are people going to be interested in my random thoughts? And how in the world do you stretch your thoughts out into a whole blog post? I definitely don't want this to be all promotion which is how the list of posts look as I'm writing this. There's very little of myself outside of announcements.


If you look at the blog post archive, you’ll notice there’s not much there (at the time of this writing). Honestly, the reason is I'm not one for being in the spotlight. I normally prefer to work behind the scenes. Not knowing what to post about doesn’t help much either. Yet here I am pushing myself to do something that makes me slightly uncomfortable. That's the only way to get passed a struggle, right? You just have to do it and it'll get easier over time.


They say speak what you want to happen into existence so here it goes. I want to become successful as an artist. Which means I need to build a following. Blogs can definitely help with that. I may not have had the drive to do it before but I do now. I feel such a positive energy that I never really felt before. I don’t know what’s going on but it’s there and it feels amazing. Yes, I know that sounds a little crazy, haha. Maybe I’m finally on the right path in life for it to happen. I think it’s going to be a process (trust the process) and it’s important to not get discouraged. So here it goes!


Bear with me as I try to come up with ideas to keep the posts on here flowing. I’m on a mission to end the struggle to blog. There may be gaps as I find my way into this and some posts may be short like this one.


Are you an artist that blogs as part of what you do online for your art? What do you write about? What have some of your best posts been about? Let me know in the comments!


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