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Following My Dreams With Kontent Kulture!

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This is the story of how I saw  a light at the end of a very dark tunnel with the help of the Kontent Kulture Marketing Guide.

Being a graphic designer who is also visually impaired, it’s been a huge struggle to find work. Not because of limitations but because of the stigma attached to visual impairment. Even though I have awards to back me up, not many people seem to get past those words. Visually impaired. It’s not that I’m completely blind, I just need to look more closely than someone who doesn’t have any difficulties with their vision. 


Late in 2017, I lost the seasonal small newspaper layout position I had due to the decline of print media. I found myself forced to throw in the towel and give up on the dream - not of my own free will and it devastated me. I've been on disability to supplement my income which has never sat well with me. It just isn’t any way to live. I know what I’m capable of but some seem to be convinced “working a job is too hard for you.”


A year or so later I was really starting to think about it, is this it? Is this the way things are going to be for the rest of my life? Stuck in a rut existing, but not living and no real future that I could see. There had to be another way! One day I was scrolling through Facebook, when I came across a job listing that gave me real hope for being able to get off disability. I wasn’t sure what to think at first but I was sick and tired of disability, the way it made me feel and people’s opinions about what I can do or not. I was absolutely serious (and still am) about getting off of it and taking my life and dream back so I took a chance.


That chance i took was the Kontent Kulture Marketing Guide. Yes, I know it probably sounds like one of those crazy “get rich quick” things you see everywhere online but this is not one of them. There’s no crazy promises about magically appearing fortunes. You don’t see people parading around in flashy cars or showing off their big fancy houses. Just normal people like me who needed or wanted a different way of life. People who want to spend more time with their families and friends, travel more and live a freer life. Something the the standard "working for a living" way of thinking doesn't always allow for.


The Kontent Kulture Marketing Guide has taught me many new skills which I was able to put into practice as I learned from the day I started going through the material in the guide. Things that compliment my graphic design skills which means this guide literally gave me the chance to take my dream back when I thought all hope of success was lost! Only this time it’s different. Instead of trying to work as a freelancer (design houses want people with degrees and wouldn’t accept someone with visual impairment), I get to work for myself! I get to do what I love, for myself, and on my own terms. That’s HUGE and to be honest, life changing!


It’s also giving me time to help a very dear friend that means the world to me build his dreams too. Something I wouldn’t have time to do if I somehow managed to find a traditional 9-5 job where my vision wouldn't be an issue.


This marketing guide is for people just starting out with no experience, existing business owners looking to build or increase an online presence (and increase sales) and experienced marketers looking for a new approach. 


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