Hi, I'm Teresa Cowley, a Graphic Designer and Digital Artist

About Me and How I Got My Start as a Graphic Designer.

Teresa Cowley with her Muse Creative Awards 2017 Statuette.
Me with my Muse Creative Awards 2017 Statuette.

My name is Teresa Cowley, a visually impaired (but not blind) graphic designer and digital artist from Victoria BC. Graphic design and digital art are two of my biggest passions in life. I honestly live and breathe this stuff! Okay, technically it's not air but you know what I mean. Nothing is more satisfying to me then sitting back after hours of work and looking at something that started from an idea turn into something that I've seen develop into a completed project. I went from informal mentorship and self learned techniques to winning awards for some of my work and that's such a great feeling! You can read more about my awards and what they were for at the bottom of the page. I’m excited to see where creativity will lead me and what kind of opportunities might present themselves. 


In 2016, I started this website! I designed it through Jimdo's website builder. I don't know anything about coding other than simple cut and paste html so I was able to just concentrate on design. It may have started with a template but I removed all the page elements and put my layout skills to use and redesigned everything from scratch.


When not tweaking lines and tinkering with pixels, I like to explore the local parks and beaches where I live in Victoria, BC with camera in hand. You never know where inspiration will strike! I also enjoy making jewelry out of old cutlery and video editing.

How I got My Start

I started out in about 2001 designing posters for my local community centre with the mentorship of a former staff member who had a background in graphic design as a way of learning what goes into good design. My interest in digital art developed more at about this point as well. 


After honing my skills as best I could on what software I had, I finally got a copy of Photoshop in 2011. It quickly became my favourite as it gave me way more creative control and really, the freedom to design (and "art") the way I saw things in my mind's eye. I do use other types of software and even some mobile apps for some of the elements in my designs as well.


Since about 2005, I did the layout and design of the Hillside-Quadra News. A small community newspaper published through Quadra Village Community Centre, the same community centre where I got my start. Unfortunately like a lot of print media, it became harder and harder to produce as people turn to the internet and social media for news and community content. This lead to us making the difficult decision to stop the presses for good in 2017.

My Awards for Graphic Design and Digital Art

Two Awards, One Event - Muse Creative Awards 2021

Muse Creative Awards 2021 Silver winner banner and statuette with Phantom and Majesty of an Owl artwork by Teresa Cowley
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Unique Steampunk Wall Art Series Wins Gold at Muse Creative Awards 2018!

"The Blackberry Factory Wall Art Series," Muse Creative Award winning artworks by independent graphic designer and digital artist, Teresa Cowley.
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Inspiring Wall Art Design Wins Rose Gold at 2017 Muse Creative Awards!

"Hawk Rising" the Muse Creative Award winning artwork by independent graphic designer and digital artist, Teresa Cowley
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Honourable Mentions at Muse Creative Awards 2016!

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Interested in working with me? I'm always happy to help with your design needs and also to collab with other designers! Posters are my main specialty but I can also help with custom designs for blog and social media posts and related material. My design muscles are pretty flexible so send me a message and we'll see what can be done!