About Me and How I Got My Start as a Graphic Designer.

Graphic Designer and Digital artist, Teresa Cowley.

I’m Teresa Cowley and as a graphic designer and digital artist, I'm working to prefect my plan to cover the walls of the world with my work. Recently, two of my designs won honourable mention at the 2016 Muse Creative Awards. I jump out of bed (not really but close) with a big smile on my face each morning because I’m excited to see where creativity will lead me and what kind of opportunities might present themselves. This is more than what I do; It’s my passion.


When not tweaking lines and tinkering with pixels, I like to explore the local parks and beaches where I live in Victoria, BC with camera in hand. You never know where inspiration will strike! I also enjoy paper crafting and video editing.

How I got My Start

I started out in about 2001 designing posters for my local community centre with the mentor-ship of a former staff member who had a background in graphic design as a way of learning what goes into good design. My interest in digital art developed more at about this point as well.


Since about 2005, I have done the layout and design of the Hillside-Quadra News. A small community newspaper published through Quadra Village Community Centre, the same community centre where I got my start.


Here's a link to my resume if you would like more information about work I've done.

My Awards for Graphic Design and Digital Art

My First Awards: Honourable Mentions at Muse Creative Awards 2016

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