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Always watch where your mouse is pointed or you may end up with unintentional deletions!

Funny Human Error Message

Something nearly disastrous happened while I was trying to add a page to serve as a blog archive. I was working in then navigation editor trying to organize the new page in to place. Somehow an extra new page was added and in the process of trying to get rid of it, I messed up. Big time. Somehow instead of deleting the extra page I didn't need, I ended up deleting the page that contains my portfolio.


Yup. I deleted a pretty important page on my site completely by accident. I couldn't believe what I had just done! I panicked at first (all that hard work gone in an instant), then spent a number of hours adding and rebuilding it.


In the end, it might have not been such a bad thing. In the process I changed a few things I decided I wasn't sure about. I took my wall art shop info from the portfolio and put it all on the wall art shop page which makes more sense anyway, and a few other tweaks. So now not only did I have my planned archive for blog posts, I made initially unintentional changes that turned into some positive changes.


Now that the potential disaster is behind me, I've been able to laugh at the ridiculousness of it all. It was all so weird and how did I not know I was about to delete the wrong page? Haha, oh my gosh the insanity!


Fingers crossed it won't do any damage to my search results. All the page names and url links I had before are the same not counting the new archive page.


Moral of the story? Be careful where you click!

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