Hillside Quadra News Spring 2017 Print Edition

Blog Post About The Hillside Quadra News Spring 2017 Print Edition

A Small Newspaper that Helps Bring Hillside-Quadra Together in a Big Way!

I do the layout and design for the print edition of Hillside-Quadra News which comes out four times a year through Quadra Village Community Centre. The purpose is to have a forum and information source about projects, issues, meetings, events, history and people in Hillside-Quadra and surrounding neighbourhoods of Victoria BC. In addition to the newspaper, we have a website which has many of the same articles plus much more content we can't squeeze into eight pages.


This is the Spring 2017 edition of Hillside-Quadra News. Inside you’ll find articles on the opening of Quadra Village Neighbourhood Gym, beekeeping right in our neighbourhood, the upcoming and always exciting Quadra Village Day 2017, a conversation about a new safe place for all kinds of wheeled fun and much more!


Enjoy and be sure to checkout the link to our website below!


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