6 Reasons Why I Used Dropr for My Online Portfolio (Updated)

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A super easy, classy (and fun) way to present your work!

UPDATE: as of January 1st, 2020, Dropr has shut down. The site was no longer sustainable for the developers and they also wanted to focus on other projects. I really did like the site for the reasons I talked about in this post. My images were also getting a ton of views. Even older images were still getting seen. I'm not sure if that was within Dropr or if there were any search engines picking up on them.


The reasons I listed below were based on the free account. I never got the paid Guru subscription because the free account was adequate for my needs. It has come to my attention that there were and still are problems with the Guru account (see the blog comment below). I'm going to add a link showing Dropr has shut down. You should not be seeing anymore monthly charges for your account. If you are, report it as unauthorized payments to your bank and/or credit card company. The site is shut down so there's no need for continued fees.


I have a portfolio on a site called Dropr that I started years ago and somehow forgot about. I wish I hadn't forgotten it and I'm glad I started to add to it again. My work gets more views on it then on Behance and there's a lot less fiddling to get designs uploaded and published. Below are a collection of my favourite features. Just so you know, this post is completely unsponsored. These are my own thoughts on what makes Dropr worth using as an online portfolio website. 

  1. It's free! There is an option to upgrade to a paid account but the free one has a good number of options to get you started. One of the draw backs with the free account though, is you can only upload a project to your portfolio once a week (although it's unlimited in the paid account). Unused free uploads do accumulate so it may not be a problem for people who don't upload more then one project every week.
  2. Match your brand and link to your shop. You can use your logo or other specific brand image as a header to unify your portfolio with the rest of your branding. You can also put a custom link in the nav bar to any url like a website or shop link (you'll find a place for your website on the about page of your Dropr site so there room for both). There's more customization options in the paid account too of course.
  3. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Just put in the title, description and upload your work. Don't worry if the files aren't in the right order because you can just drag and drop them into any order you choose then add a title, description and optional image captions. Tweak the project settings to include a project website (people can get more info about the project or you can put a shop url here), add some tags and style preferences and publish away!
  4. Arrange and rearrange until you're happy. Again with the drag and drop simplicity, you can rearrange the projects in your portfolio into any order you choose. You can even divide your work into sections for different creative fields or art mediums (like graphic design and digital art in mine for example). It sure helps keep your work organized and easy to present in a clean and organized way.
  5. The "Full Screen splash up!" I love the name of this feature! Click the double arrows to go into a unique full screen slide show that starts with a fun animation of all the images in your portfolio popping onto your screen. When it's done, click the play button and enter the slide show mode.  Definitely useful for making simple presentations of all the images in your portfolio.
  6. Dashboard is where you’ll find basic analytics showing you the top five most viewed projects in all time, month, week or day views. Scroll down to see a stream of work from people you follow or other work suggested to you. The one downside about the stream is you can't comment on people's work (there's always private messages if you want to reach out to fellow users). Although you you can like, curate into custom collections and share projects over social media.

I hope this brief look at some of the features of Dropr have been helpful. If you have an account and think I've missed something, please share your experiences in the comments so others can benefit from it. :)

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Comments: 3
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    Snook Berry (Thursday, 04 October 2018 14:47)

    Loved the layout and simple interface which was very dynamic, unfortunately all my work has disappeared into the etha, I have no idea where it has gone, and have no idea how to get in touch with the administrator, but apart from that it’s great

  • #2

    Designs by TC (Friday, 05 October 2018 00:16)

    @Snook Berry, I'm sorry to hear you lost your work. :( I did a bit of digging and found a contact form for Dropr tech support. Hope it helps! https://dropr.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

  • #3

    Wolf*Star (Saturday, 29 June 2019 20:16)

    I deleted my Dropr Guru account on the 24th of January 2019, and I know it doesn't exist because when I try my log in, I get the message that I need to sign up. Since then, Dropr's Billing system has been pulling money out of my account every month since I cancelled my subscription. �

    I have emailed them AT LEAST three times, and have only been refunded for one month of the unauthorized withdrawal to date. I have also tried to contact them at the phone number they list for customer service innumerable times, but it is either a bogus number, as it is the number for a tech company named AI, or the number on the Dropr site has a typo in it.

    When I saw today that my account has been charged yet AGAIN for the monthly Guru fee, I was BEYOND livid!! It was also very surprising to see this charge because my bank had recommended that I cancel my old credit card and get a new one so that Dropr would not have access to my account anymore. But I see that this month's fee was charged against my NEW credit card number! I have had NO contact with Dropr since January,2019, so how did they get my new card number? This is another thing that tells me this is a fraudulent scam company and they need to be shut down!

    I contacted my bank and requested their help to stop these unauthorized charges to my credit card. The bank tried to contact Dropr at the phone number they list on the site, and the customer service rep at my bank says that all they got was a generic voicemail telling the caller to leave a message, which, of course, has never been returned. The bank has asked me to come in and file a complaint against Dropr so they can open a formal investigation, which I plan to do ASAP.

    I am SO FRUSTRATED with this whole episode and regret that I ever opened an account with with Dropr.com. I CANNOT recommend Dropr to anyone who is looking for an online portfolio site because of the multiple times they have wilfully ignored my requests for refunds and cancelation confirmation so many times.