Welcome to My New Website!

Close up of Hawk Rising wall art

You know you can do this, right? Now spread those wings and show 'em what ya got!

Go easy on me, it's my first time building a website. I decided to make one for my self earlier this year (2016) after winning my first design awards to try and get my self out there more doing what I love. Poster design and digital art. I never really liked being in the spotlight so I let it hold me back for way too long. Winning two honourable mentions at the the 2016 Muse Creative Awards was a pretty amazing experience and a bit of a wake up call telling me I could be doing so much with my designs. So here I am, people of the internet! Ready to spread my wings and take flight!

Hawk Rising wall art in situation as an acrylic glass print.

"Hawk Rising" in situation as an acrylic glass print. Check it out on my Society6 wall art shop!

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